Building My First Desktop Computer HELP!

So I have a few hundred dollars in Office Max Points from a business I run. I found out recently that they sell computer components for DIY computer builds. I've never built a PC before and I'd like one I can game on as well as just everyday use because my laptop is falling apart. So, What are the best parts out of the list I've created below? They're all parts on the Office Max website. I also have $320 on hand for anything else including a CPU since Office Max doesn't sell them as far as I can tell. I wanna get the best value for the little money I do have. I don't know which parts are compatible and if I even need some of them, but the parts are listed below:

Heat Sink:


Fans x2:


DVD Drive:


Graphics Card:


Internal Hard Drive:


Solid State Drive:






Power Supply:


Thermal Paste:


Bluetooth USB:


Operating System: Currently on my laptop I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, but I'd like to try Windows 8.1 with the home button fix if it's worth it.

Out of that whole list id only grab the case - the rest of overpriced. In all honesty any company that places a 7970 in the category of networking accessories is not a mob Id deal with.

Do you have a preferred online retailer? amazon or the like, because you are going to get a lot more for your money than buying from an office retailer.

Have a look at the tek's budget build -ticks all the boxes. or the even cheaper build

I was thinking of only getting the Heat Sink, Fans, DVD Drive, Case, Thermal Paste, and Bluetooth. Maybe a SteelSeries gaming keyboard as well with the leftover points. I'll still need to get the motherboard from them too as I get more points, but everything else I've been comparing with deals from amazon. Hopefully I'll have the money and be able to get a PC that will perform well and last me for years to come.
Thanks for the input! :)