Building My First Build

So here's my current partlist:

The thing is, I want to make sure that my parts will work together and that I have enough wattage to overclock a bit. The Screen and case are just price references and I will change them when I go get my parts.

Looks fine to me.

Looks good that PSU should be enough. The only thing I would change is Windows 8 but that's just because I despise it.

Looks like a nice system to me as well and just like Hellsrage I would skip Windows 8. I see you are getting your motherboard from The Egg and they are offering Windows 7 along with your board for 95 dollars. Perhaps I am just so anti Windows 8 but never hurts to offer alternatives. Besides that you should get some great computing with that system.

idk if the cpu will fit in the am3 socket, I think it need an am3+. To my knowledge am3 cpu's are compatible with am3+ boards, but I dont think Am3+ CPU's are compatible to am3 boards

lolol nevermind your board works, i missread it

The H50 sucks for the money. If you want to overclock, get a Phanteks single tower CPU cooler. Same price, great looking, much better performance. Other than that, great build :)

hm, i'll look into it, thanks

i have win 8 on my computer, which is so far running nicely for me. havent had much issues so i'll stay with it. the thing about the egg's offer is that i wont actually be purchasing from them, just using the site to list parts and price references. and thanks

Yeah your build looks great besides window 8, I would recommend windows 7. I haven't heard alot of the H50, but from what I heard people regret not getting H80/H100/H100i, not that it's bad but that they wanted better peformance.