Building Linux Machine

After all the Habloo about Gaming on linux, and spending 2000$ on a system 76 machine. I need another one. The current laptop I got did not come with a dedicated graphics so gaming has become... More or less extinct. 

Budget under 3K would be nice.

Live in US.

I have nothing, but monitors. 

If someone could teach me how to overclock on linux, then maybe but not really a requirement.

Watercooling would be nice, but again if something can keep it cool enough it's not a requirement.

I don't see any reason why not to BTC, for you guys. 

I render videos in and 3d in blender.

I would like a mouse that could be adjusted on linux, if there is one. And a mechanical keyboard as well.



Needs: Run's Ubuntu or similar based OS great.

Will Video Render Speedily and without issues.

Powerful enough to Run 2 HD 27" Screens

Runs Games at Full HD settings. Mainly RTS Games.

And Virtualization is a close and daily thing I do, so KVM is a wonderful piece of tech that is a must have. 

Any help on this would be awesome. Thanks!

27" 1440p or 27" 1080p?