Building for me and my wife

Budget:  $2750 for two computers.

I Live in Canada and use the Canadian dollar.  I Prefer to use Canada Computers because they are like a 5 min drive from my place and I won't have to wait for shipping :).

I Personally Have all my Peripherals except my headset is going, My wife just wants a cheap standard keyboard and mouse I offered to get her a gaming set but she doesn't want it.

We will be using our computers for gaming of coarse and watching movies YouTube that sort of thing.  We don't do any kind of video rendering.

I really don't want to Overclock I just want to use a stock 4670 non k.  And I will not be getting custom water cooling.  I also currently have a OS so I don't need one.

I would Like to Have my FPS at ultra in World of Warcraft and Swtor heavier games like crysis or bf3 i can turn down the settings to high or medium if I need to.  I would like to play Wow at a steady 50-60 fps.

I will be playing at 1920x1080 and my wife will be playing on my old monitor at 1680x1050.  We mainly play Wow but my wife wants to play Guild Wars 2 and I think she said there was a new Everquest coming out she wanted to try.

Here are my parts lists:

For my wife's Build:

For My Build:

I got myself the MSI z87-45 gaming board because I like the color scheme and in case i ever want to get a 4670k in the future.  My wife has no interest in overclocking at all so didn't need to take that into account hence why i got her a H87 Motherboard.

Will the Power Supply I picked be enough to run the rigs?  Parts Picker says it will only require less then 400w so i got 600w to be safe and cause the cx600m was cheap :).

Also I had a question.  The MSI motherboard shows up to 2133MHz ram without overclocking does that mean i can pick up 2133MHZ ram and it will run without overclocking on the 4670 non K?  The 2133Mhz ram is about the same price and if i can get more speed it would be awesome :).

Just wondering If I can get a compatibility check and answers to my questions.

By the way thank you for making a great YouTube Show and your building guides are very helpful.


your psu will be more than enough, you'd probably be fine with even a 500w psu.

Why have you only used $2000 worht of your budget? you still have an extra $750.

I actually used just about all of it with taxes with prices at canada computers.  what about my ram question do u know?

and tyvm for your help.


You should be able to run 2133mhz RAM without overclocking the CPU.  However, anything above 1600mhz shows no real difference in gaming, unless you're using integrated graphics in the GPU.  Also, if you wish to upgrade your RAM, the higher clocked your RAM is, the harder it is to find a kit that will match your current RAM.  I suggest 1600mhz ram, as it's both cheap and easily upgradeable.

Also, both of your motherboards have 2 SATA III cables each, having a total of 4 cables.  I don't see why you need an extra SATA cable for each build.

-Your Build-

A 600W PSU is a bit overkill for this build, but I kept the extra wattage as you might be overclocking.  The EVGA power supply I chose is a pretty good budget PSU, and relatively efficient.  The power is pretty clean, especially for the price.

The GTX 660 is generally weak for the price.  the HD 7870 performs around 10% better, and is also cheaper.

Case is preference, but I would go with a FD Define R4 if you care about having a silent system.

With this money saved, you can spend less on your build, or get the unlocked i5 if you want.  Depends if you're into overclocking or not.

-Your Wife's Build-

Pretty much the same recommendations that I gave your build.  Change the GPU, and since she won't be overclocking, a 500w PSU will be plenty.  Unfortunately, all the cards that are one step higher are about 80 bucks more expensive, and I can't really fit that into the budget.