Building first computer

- Budget is 1000€ at max.

- I might pick all the parts from shop called

- I'm going to use my PC for gaming, surfing the internet and watching movies/TV shows.

- I'm not planning to overclock my PC.

- I need new OS (windows 7).


It would like that case looked crazy/weird/unique and any other color than black.In addition of this build, i want wireless card and CD/DVD driver. Intel CPU and nvidia GPU would be nice, but if it must be otherwise, then so be it. I also have some questions:

- Is 1TB storage enough, since main storage is basically games?

- How fast PC is if I add SSD in addition of internal hard drive?

- How do I know if X power supply is powerul enough in build?


Any suggestions is appreciated!


well if you go intel/nvidia your price/performance is low but power/performance ratio is high

but when you go amd/amd or intel/amd your power/performance ratio is low but price/performance ratio is super high

i'd take a 2tb drive since thats convenient with the price but a boot ssd is for sure a good thing to have!

it would be the difference between +-25/60 (dependend on the hdd) and +-10 second boot with ssd

and for the psu check these


what parts did you pick?

(please make a list in


I assume you are in Europe I know you picked a shop but that could really backfire for you so I'll link this:

This will allow you to do all the things in a easy and helpful manner, it calculates how much wattage you need for your PSU, shows what will fit in a case, and ensure to a large extent compatibility of parts. If you are not in Europe, it has other locations to choose from which can be found in the upper right hand corner. A handy feature it's like the NSA spy of price/part finding too allowing you to see what everyone else has and how much they pay. 

What do you think of something like this?

Anyway, Best of Luck!

For 1000 euro, I'd lean towards something like this...

Thanks for answering questions and giving suggestions!

The reason why i might pick all the parts from is because there's actual jimms store nearby, so i don't need to pay shipping and i can ask help from there too. If they don't have any certain parts for some reason, they can suggest other parts to replace missing parts. Before I going to buy all the parts, I'll show what possible changes there is. DrunkenPanda's suggestion looks best, so I go for that.

Again, thanks everyone!

There are a few things to note regarding that list.

If you are going with a Z97 motherboard, and a big cooler, then it would make sense to go with an unlocked cpu, so you can overclock if you want or need to. The i5 4690k is just a little more expensive than a 4690, but it is unlocked. 

If you are not interested in overclocking, then go with a cheaper version of the i5, like the 4460. You also won't need a bigger cooler, as the stock one will do a fine job.

If you don't plan to use two GPU's in the future, you can also go with an H97 chipset motherboard, which will also be cheaper.

You might want to add an SSD, if you don't have one already. 

Hope have something close to each list.  €1128   € 973

Thanks for suggestions, mate!

That cheaper i5 looks nice, so i'll use that.

About Z97 it seems jimms doesn't have that motherboard, so if there's other motherboard that can replace Z97 that would be nice. 

Thanks to you i just save 100e for chancing i5 and removing cooler, and even more if there's other motherboard!


Hi guys!

Finally after going in jimms shop, i updated my build:

In addition i buy optical drive and operating system, which some reason i didn't find in site, but that's additional 123e.

If there's anything else you guys want to change or suggest, by all means! If there's not that big of changes, then i'll buy all the parts in next week.

CPU - i5 4460 or i5 4690k 

CPU cooler for the 4690k 

H97 board or Z97 board


HDD and SSD 


Power supply


With cheaper motherboard the final price is 1145,40e in jimms, which includes optical driver (23e) and operating system (99e).

I think that's it!