Building another 3970x system. should i go for the same spec or change a bit? pics inside

building another 3970x system. should i go for the same spec or change a bit? pics inside.

hi guys. at work my workstation is a 3970x amd and i am really happy with it. my home computer is intel 5820K over clocked to 4000 mhz
with 2 1080 TI. gaming preformence are great on the 5820K but when i want to work at home its a super big diffrence between them so i want to counslt with you about the spec.

the computer at my job is
cpu: 3970x
MB: asus gaming strix- gaming
HyperX FURY RGB 4x16GB DDR4 3466MHz CL16 44mm hight ram
aorus 360 RGB AIO 360mm
corsair 750D case
850W corsair psu
samsung 970 evo nvme.

i work and render on this spec 9 to 10 hours daily and every thing is rock solid. temp with this AIO 360 are around 77 to 85C on full load at 3850 to 3900 all cores. overclocing to 4000 all cores the temps gets to 92 - 95 stable but dont think it worth the heat. so i leave it at stock.

my main concerns are: 1) can i get an air cooler for my home 3970x?
at my job we order the 360 aio because if there is a leak the studio can cover the damge. but at my home its my personal computer i dont want to worry about leaks and stuff. so can i get a Be-quiet dark rock TR4 and expect good temps and solid stable rendering like with the aorus 360?

  1. case - i need a big enough case to big air cooler and 2 1080TI with 2 pci 2 slots spacing. my options are be quiet dark base pro 900 rev2,
    asus helios , evolve x. i am leaning towards the helios at the moment.
    in my country all the above cases are the same price… maybe because the shipping and logistics… so the helios is 350$ and the be quiet same price.

3)MB.ROG Strix TRX40-E is the cheapest at my country… but with my experience is doing the job great. any reason to add extra and getting a gigabyte designare with better vrm or its a waste of money?

thank you for the help.

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