Building an APU cluster

I wanted to know if it was possible to build a cluster with an AMD APU? Can this be built with Windows? I want to build this with five PCs on a budget that's powerful enough to cut video rendering times in half. And is it possible making it work with cyber link power director 13?

Yes, quite easily actually. Some basic cluster tech is supported in Windows, although it will most probably be software side rather than a traditional MPI. 

However..... With power director, nope. It has nil support for this sort of thing. Sony Vegas used to have this feature, it might be there  still buried away. Adobe stuff supports this as well (from what I have been told) 


I can tell you for a fact that Vegas doesn't even have a (documented) way of using it anymore, I've searched and searched trying to do this myself. I think maybe Light works does though...and I think Blender does as well

Thinking over this, I really do not think you can harness a cluster setup tbh. The cluster approach is more for stuff that would really take a long time or high computational stuff that can't be handed off to GPU or other hardware accelerated devices where more CPUs are required.

If you haven't already, enable hardware acceleration (and Hardware video encoder) within Power Director. This will allow the GPU to get involved (can be anything OpenCL, Intel Effect Accel, CUDA or AMD APP) on rendering and previewing.

The biggest issue with rendering (that I find with hardware accel enabled) and which would be scaled even worse is the storage medium. Rendering off a RAID allows the disk I/O to be less of a problem. But due to the coding on many of these rendering utils, they require a centralised storage to be used (like a NAS or SAN) which obviously leads to some saturation issues. Saturation of the connection medium between the cluster and its storage medium would result in the processing nodes idling, which is not going to aid performance.

If you haven't already done the hardware acceleration, try that first.

I think it is hard to find a software to use for video rendering with this setup. I have been using hardware acceleration, but I find that the software wants to use my CPU at max. Before it was only using a small % of power.