Building an AMD Rig

Hello I just wanted to see if my build was stable (or decent) and to invest in the build I have compiled.

The build is aimed toward gaming and maybe some simple editing and rendering, nothing like a cinema blockbuster.

I am pretty new to cutsom built pc's so any criticism is welcome and greatly appreciated!

I have a few bits of critique.

First off, the fans: they aren't necessary, especially if you're thinking about a push/pull. The rad is only 27mm thick, so the most you're going to see is about a 1-2c, if that, over push or pull. If you had a thick rad, such as the Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme, then they could be justified. As it is, I'd just stick with the stock fans. They are more than capable.

Also, there is the case. I made the mistake of going with a cheap case on my fancy build, and I hate it. Just get yourself a decent case, that comes with the fans you need, that also has some nice features, such as good cable routing. I'd recommend the NZXT Tempest 410. If you really need blue LED lighting... well there are these, so this way they can at least be adjustable. There are also other colors.

As for the memory, I'd step down to 8GB. It's more than plenty for gaming, and should be enough for some simple editing. Cheaper on price/GB as well:

As for the SSD, you can get a little faster for the same price. Don't get me wrong, the M4 is a great SSD, very reliable, but I like the Plextor M5S better. It uses the same Micron NAND chips, with the same Marvell controller. The difference is the M5S has a DDR cache, which gives a nice little boost in performance. Anandtech did a review, and their results more or less reflect this, similar, but better performance with the Plextor.

As for the OS, I'd personally save a few bucks and just drop down to Win7 Home Premium or Win8 (if you're willing to work with it).


Honestly, the build isn't bad. The hardware you chose is solid.


well I think its fine but I would just like to say, if you don't mind waiting its always best to wait for sales, because depending on what all you end up buying you could save around $100 by buying parts that are either on sale or even used if you don't mind the idea of used parts (which other than Fans and drives, parts don't wear the same as moving parts.)

I would grab a Samsung 840 Pro instead of the Crucial M4 and a better 990FX motherboard if you can afford it. If you still have some money after that, then I'd definitely upgrade the case.

Thank you very much for the suggestions about the fans and I like the look of the NZXT case a lot more.