Building about 1000€ pc


What will you be using this PC for? Gaming, editing, ETC...

Also do you already have the SSD listed above?

Get a WD Black drive instead of the Blue.


Mostly gaming bf4, skyrim and etc.

And no i dont.

Got ya

What site are you buying from and where do you live ?

I would change the motherboard to a H97 and *maybe* get a better psu and swap the gpu for a proper R9 290x / R9 290

It's closer to eleven hundred but it's worth every penny and it's probably you're best bet for a system.

i think i am not going to overclock so i think i could get a cheaper cpu and a motherboard.


And why would you grab a black instead of a blue?

i dont see any vallid point for that to be honnest ☺

Black is faster


its just a big load of marketing BS. lol ☺


well, what kind of build would you recommend then?


you build looks good to me except the motherboard.

That Xeon 1231V3 is a haswell refresh chip, and will most likely not work on a B85 chipset board out of the box. I would recommend a H97 board instead, because that will work guaranteed.

Something like Asrock H97 Fatal1ty performance or what not. ☺

ok, thanks for the suggestion!