Building a X99 for a friend. Where to put the closed loop?

So on a whim, My Coworker asked about building a computer and i suggested the X99 Platform. I showed him some parts and he pulled out his wallet and just bought them all.

Fractal Define S Case
X99 Sabertooth
5820K CPU
16 gb DDR 4 Corsair V
Asus 980ti Strix
evga G2 1000
500 GB samsung 850 Evo ssd
corsair H110i water cooler

Anyway i did the same build for the Z97 Platform for my computer. pretty much the same only ddr3, 980, 4790k, define r5, etc...
When i built my computer i took all the hdd and optical drive bays out and put my cpu cooler int the front and had the fan put on the bottom of the case with the power supply pulling air from the bottom of the case and i have an exhaust fan at the top back as usual. Does anyone see a problem doing this with the X99 build? Would it be better to have the closed loop pulling or pushing from the top?


Best placement for a closed loop is usually at the top blowing the air out from the case.

i think that the H110 is to big to fit in at the top
so your best bet would probably be in the front.

It should be big enough to fit the cooler. I am going to remove all the optical and hdd bays since they are no needed and that should free up some room. I am mainly concerned with getting optimum cooling in the case

two front intakes and 1 back exhaust should be good. positive airflow.

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Do you think i would even need to have a fan on the bottom of the case pulling air in?

you could if you like to, but i think its not realy needed persee.
An extra fan never hurts ofc.
not sure with how many fans the Fractal S comes standard?

you will use the radiator as exhaust aswell i guess?

I will if I set it up on top I will have it pulling if it's on the front. I believe the case comes with two fans

I tried my AIO top and front in an H440. Both as intake and exhaust.
Best all around cooling I got for all the components in the system was to have the front fans as intake, the AIO in the top exhausting and the standard rear exhaust fan.

Pulling cool air in through the AIO really did not make much of a difference on the CPU temp, but did affect the other component temps in a slightly negative way.

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