Building a workstation 1000

wondering what GPU would be best for 3d modeling

Quattro 600 or 620

or a gaming gpu such as the gpu 

The GPU is going to be entry level. sorry.

looking at that one


thanks for the help guys!

I do not do much 3d modeling so take this with a grain of salt. I think a gtx 750 ti would be much better compared to the 620. It has much faster memory and depending on the model can be cheaper. Personally if it was my system I would get a gtx 750 ti ASUS strix edition.

My source


quadro 4000

is the budget quadro *maybe worth getting ... but if all you are doing is 3d .. get a gaming card. 95%  of the time you won't need a quadro

What software are we talking about? What does it support? CUDA or OpenCL or Both? If CUDA only: Quadro 4k. If OpenCL only: AMD FirePro W5000. Both CUDA and OpenCL: Firepro W5000 or higher.