Building a PC

No hard budget, but I am trying to be smart with my money.  I will be using it for mostly gaming, a little CAD, matlab, etc but not too much.

I thought about 16 gigs of RAM, but decided it wasn't really worth the money for what I will be using it for.  I am getting the 750W psu because I plan on adding another 760 in the future.  I have a 1TB HDD I will be stealing from an old desktop, as well as an optical drive.  I can get Windows 8 for free from my university.  I game on a single 1920x1080 144Hz monitor.

Any recommendations, or does it look pretty solid?

Looks extremely solid, I have the case and the maximus v gene with a 3770k. I would however recommend not going with a clc, its a waste of money. Look for a phanteks 12DX or a Dark Knight air cooler.

I know the temps won't be much better (if at all) than a good air cooler, but I wanted to go with it anyways since a good air cooler will take up a lot of volume in an matx build and it looks better :P .


Thanks for the feedback

Its good.

I would use a lower PSU you could use a 600W, I would also get the none pro Samsung 840 unless you have the need to write to the SSD a lot as the read speed is basically the same and save you more $$$

I'd reccomend a Cooler Master 212 evo air cooler. You'd save $70 too.

I have the phanteks 12DX in that case, works perfectly.

I'll consider air coolers to save $$$, as that seems to be the consensus.

I have the 750W PSU so I can SLi, and I am going for the pro version as I am skeptical of the durability of TLC technology.  Aside from increased lifespan, more usable space and faster write speeds seem like a decent trade for $50 more.  I'm no SSD guru though so I may be wrong :<

Thanks for the feedback guys!

I have the same ssd at the same size, well worth the money.

The 750W is a good choice

I change my SSD's yearly (currently have the 250 GB 840 pro and std) as they are advancing all the time but if there is no need to save enjoy its a great system

replaced cpu cooler

will I have problems with RAM clearance?

780 is great.

840 Pro is the fastest SATA based SSD around...

6300 is decent...



I don't want to sacrifice single core performance and I enjoy having a high quality case.

Your build is great. Especially if you're going to go SLI with those 760's. It's going to wreck everything you throw at it. Even with a single 760, it will max out even some of the most demanding games.

But I would recommend an MSI GTX 760. It's very cool and quiet. It's the quietest GTX 760.

I have a decent number of EVGA dollars ;)

I personally would buy the 7950, but your choise. I also agree, different powersupply, and you actually might want to consider an NZXT Phantom case. Great air curculation and very sleek disgin. 

I want to go nvidia because I have a 3d visison and lightboost capable monitor.  I don't currently intend on using 3d vision but I like to keep my options open.  Plus I have evga bucks.

I'm not a fan of the Phantom's styling and I want to go with an mATX case as I do go to lans and move in/out of college at the beginning/end of each semester.



I'm starting to think this will be my final configuration so I will be ordering the parts and building soon.  Thanks for the advice.

One last thermal paste??