Building a PC with about a $1200 budget

m doing this build for a friend, you may have seen some of my other post about getting help for it but his stop changing his budget. I was wonder could someone look over this and tell me if its good, like proformance to price ratio.

We were going with AMD and he needs the wireless card, capture card and all the parts in the list but if you know something better for same price could you tell me please.

CPU -    $165               AMD FX-8120  

Mobo -  $146               Asus M5A99X-EVO R2

RAM -   $ 51                Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3-1600 

Vid Card - $ 188         Gigabyte GV-N65TOC-2GD 2GB 

Storage -  $50 - SSD  Kingston SVP200S3/60G 60GB

              -  $94 - HDD  Seagate 3.5" Barracuda 2TB 

Case   -    $75             Thermaltake V6 Case Black edition  

PSU   -     $83              Antec VP-650P PSU 

Monitor - $106            LG 20"  E2042TC 

OS     -    $93              Win 7 Home Premiun 64bit OEM

Capture Card - $95     AVer3D CaptureHD

CD Drive - $19            Samsung SATA 22x Black 

Wireless Card - $21    TP -LINK TL-851ND PCI    


Total = $1186


Thanks in advance



I just did a quick search of the power supply and noticed it's a dual-rail design. Typically single rail designs are better. Now, there are better deals, but my search led me to an Australian site, and Newegg didn't carry that power supply. Am I correct in assuming you are from Australia?

Yeah and newegg doesnt deliver to Australia and PSUs are about the only thing in a computer i still dont really know much about 

Yeah, I've noticed that the power supply selection is limited. The cheapest quality single rail power supply I could find costs a bit more. It's the Corsair CX600w at $95. The thing with multi-rail designs is it divides the amperage, which is more important than overall wattage. I'm not a power supply guru myeself, but I believe If a component tries to pull more amperage from a particular rail than that rail can handle, it can cause the whole system to shutdown, despite having enough overall wattage. With a single-rail design, that issue is non-existent.

As for the GPU, I'd recommend going with a 1GB 7850. There is one that can be found for the same price as the 650-Ti you picked out. Unless your friend is using a CUDA specific application that does NOT support OpenCL, I don't see any reason to get the GTX 650-Ti with the 7850 so close in price, especially since the new drivers give a huge boost in games like Far Cry 3 and BF3 amongst smaller boosts in other games.

The reason I went with the GTX 650 ti is because it has 2gb and that would be able to with stand the 42" screen that will be run every now and then, otherwise the 7850 would be better thanks and I might I change to the corsair cx600w for psu. 

The size of monitor doesn't matter, it's the resolution. So, unless the screen is a 4K screen (4096x2160), or using multiple screens, 1GB is fine up to 1920x1200. Also, the 7850 is natively a 2GB card. You can find them at a slight premium, or more accurately, the 1GB versions are at a slight discount.

yeah its gonna be used for a 4k screen (42") and a 20" screen for both editing and gameplay thats why i needed 2gb

I'd push for the 2GB 7850 if possible, as it's only $12 more and offers more performance, especially at higher resolutions.