Building a PC, please advise if changes needed

right. i am looking to play games like bf4 at high - ultra at 1080p not going under 30fps hopefully keeping at around 60. i am in NZ and will list all the parts i have in mind. i really cant spend over $1550NZD TOPs. i don't mind if you guys completely change everything, but all i want is a good bf4 experience and a good looking case

case- bitfenix raider gunmetal window with added 200mm spectre fan (obviously bought separately)

CPU - fx 8350 8 core

GPU - sapphire r9 270x dual-X OC

mobo - m5a97 r2.0

CPU cooler - hyper 212 evo

RAM - hyper x 1600 MHz cl9

HDD - 1tb hdd (i can upgrade later and buy external to back up)

crap, cheap optical dvd drive

PSU - corsair RM 650 modular 650w power supply


thanks guys for reading and thanks in advance for any advice. all my peripherals are sorted, its just the build that concerns me at the moment, i am going to the cheapest trustable online shops so if you can recommend any, that would be awesome.

thanks people, good day(or night)

Nice list. Get it then. Nothing wrong with it.

Hi, now when mantle is comming and we saw its performance increase in BF4 you could go FX 6300 + r9 280x for ultra 1080p BF4 gaming at 60FPS. I dont know if the price will be in your budget after changing those 2 components because I dont know in which store are you buying or what are the price in your country.

Or you could consider the 8320,if you aren't confident with the 6300. Invest the money into a better GPU.That's where you get the gaming grunt.

Plus,if you aren't going to be OCing,you'll get by with a 500-600W PSU.This is provided you can find a good unit that is cheaper than the RM650.

you allready own the case?

Option 1: <-- R9-290 Tri X OC.

Option 2: <-- Reference R9-290

Option 3:  <-- cheaper option.

I made 3 sollid options if you allready own your case, then i think one of these builds are beasty. 

The second option i know the R290 reference models are a bit loud on full load, but they are alot cheaper, then non reference.  so if you dont care to much about a loud stock gpu fan, then i think the second option is realy a beast.

The First option, is realy a beast, but just over $1550 unfortunatly. 

The Third option,Is also very decent, can maxout all games at 1080p aswell. Basicly powerfull enough for your needs.

Let me know what you think.

Grtz Angel ☺

Nice builds,Angel. One question,though. If OP is gaming on a single monitor,wouldn't the 4GB of VRAM be overkill?

Basicly yes, thats why i made option 3 ☺

But since a R9-290 is on the same price as a GTX770  in NZ.. Nvidia cards are rediculous priced over there. a R9-290 will eat a GTX770 for breakfast.


even a 280X beats a GTX770 2GB "price compairison NZ" in alot of games, especialy games like skyrim with tons of mods added to it. because the 3GB of vram realy comes handy on those mods.

280x vs 770 is so close in performance that I think it all comes down to which is cheaper or

If shadowplay and g-sync from Nvidia interest you.

Or if mantle and possibly freesync if that ever becomes a thing.

thanks everybody for your feedback,

so you would just recon swapping the 8350 for the 6300 and putting in an r9 280x vs 270x is a good way to go?

BTW, soo sorry i dint mention it, i need win 7/8 so my BUILD cost is around $1410.

 I can afford the 280x and the 6300 though because as mysteryangel said, they are real cheap here

i would  take a windows  for free if you know what i mean? ;)

how do you do that?

just search some torrent sites ☺

I live in Hamilton NZ and this is my build: so yeah

Are we allowed to mention,in generic term,on where to find stuff like this? I thought it was against the site regulations?