Building a PC inside a Graphite Power Mac G4 case, need help

I got the case for free from my Computer Engineering teacher and decided I want to build a low budget PC for my brother out of it. I don't want to spend more than $400 on the components. I was thinking about getting a FM2+ MicroATX motherboard so I wouldn't have to modify the case as much and going with an a10-7700k (if I can manage to find someone to take me to the closest one in Virginia (I live in central NC). 

I have never really done anything like this before (as far as modding a case) and I also don't know if I even have all the parts for it. I'll post a link to some pictures I took of it below.


Yes, it could be done but you will need to be ready to do some DIY case modification. Here is a sort of guide to help you

thanks, do you have any idea how to mount the motherboard on this? I might have just not been thinking when I looked at it but I didn't see any place that resembled where you would put standoffs or anything that looked like standoffs. 

You'll have to cut off the existing standoffs and put new ones in the correct locations.

Would a normal atx psu work with this case or should I go for a mini itx psu so I will have more room for expansions later on?