Building a PC- Help, please!

Hi all, thanks for coming here... I need help with something, my parents decided to finally give me a $800 budget to build a computer, $200 of which is coming from them, and I've already got the processor, case, and psu, I have $450 left to decide on the motherboard and ram, and I've already chosen the graphics card (Unless you recommend a better one for the same price). I just need help deciding what motherboard and ram to get. The main usage of this computer will be for gaming. I don't plan on overclocking yet, I don't have enough to buy an after market heatsink/cooler just yet, and when I do, I'm going to get the 240mm cooler master eisberg (Unless you find something else better for the same price) which runs about $180 on newegg/amazon. I don't really care how much fps I get, as long as the games are playable... About 60-fps on most games, depending on the settings. And if possible, a motherboard with UEFI? That'd be nice... Thanks!

Items I've already got

Case- Cooler Master Storm Scout 2 Advanced ($99.99, free shipping/no tax)

PSU- EVGA SuperNOVA NEX750G ($108.99, free shipping/no tax)

Processor- AMD FX-4350 ($140.00, free shipping/no tax)

Monitor- Hitachi 32" TV (Already had this, but it was $350-400 at the SAMs club near here...)

Mouse/Keyboard- Whatever it was that came with my old computer.... I will buy a better keyboard and mouse later, as I can't afford it right now.

Hard drives- 320gb and 500gb WD caviar blue 16mb cache or something... (both free, one came out of my old pc, and one that my brother gave me)

Item I want...

Graphics Card(Unless you guys recommend something else?)- EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 2gb w/ ACX cooling ($249.99 non-superclocked version, and $259.99 superclocked version)

Thanks for the help!



P.S- My last computer was a piece of crap dell Inspiron 500 or something.... It was a couple of years old, and it couldn't handle the games I wanted to play on it, heh, and then my brother gave me his old computer, which had a very old gtx 6800 in it, but it helped, and then my computer stopped working.... Probably because of the stress I was putting it through, so I feel like the gtx 760 is a HUGE step-up from my old computer. 


P.S.S (or P.P.S?)- I posted this after I saw Logan's latest video, the one specifying that he loves details and stuff... So, information and details galore! :p Extra info- this post contains 383 words

mobo- ASrock 990fx extreme4            RAM- G-skill ripjawsX 8GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM

price check on your 760s?  do you mean 249.99 amd 259.99???

Here is your build. Way better than the parts you chose.

8 core CPU, will be future proof

Great motherboard, really nice for overclocking

Liquid cooler

An HIS 7970, this thing overclocks like crazy.

1600 MHz RAM (Enough for gaming)

Not the best case for the money, but it all comes down to opinion.

XFX 750W PSU for only 55 dollars! It's enough for CrossFire 7970's incase you ever wish to do so.

an 8 core AMD cpu is far from future proff. its as good as an i5.

I've already got the power supply, and I plan on upgrading the processor later, to something like the 8350 or so, and I've already chosen a lot of my parts, I just need the motherboard and ram... And I determined the quad-core would be better since games don't utilize a lot of cores yet, and for now, the quad core will do the job, plus, I've already received the power supply, case, and processor... These together costs $350, and I've got $450 left. I may go with the amd graphics card, but I'd prefer Nvidia if possible... Personally, I like evga products.... 

Why would you order before consulting with the forum? You could've gotten much better parts.

Yes, but this was before I thought about coming to the forums, and I wanted to get parts that I can upgrade over time, because I wanted a 750w psu from evga, and I really wanted the cM storm scout 2 advanced... And I chose the processor based on hours and hours of research :| I just got tired of trying to figure out what motherboard to get and what ram to get.

Oh right, I did mess up, yeah, it's 259.99 and 249.99, heh, should've read what I posted before I tried to correct you. 

i dont know how loud their new acx cooling is but i have a card of thiers with 2 fans on it (evga gtx 660ti signature 2 ftw edition) and in games like metro last light and skyrim, with a few mods, make the fans spin up alot. By alot i mean up to almost 90 percent.(keep in mind my card is overclocked though) so i would stick to the old and trusty blower style fan unless you know its quite.

I don't really care about noise, I'm used to hearing fans and stuff, as I go to sleep with a  fan beside my head, as I have trouble sleeping unless there's some white noise... Plus, I'm going to use a headset, not really sure which one yet, but I'm going to get one sooner or later. And if you guys do recommend a certain headset (has to be under $100.00), ill take a look...

the card under load is aroudn 40 dBA, which is about the sound that you would find in an office. about 20 dba above the human threshhold of sound. And i would recommend the cm storm sirus headset, it drowns out my gpu noise very well in game. and even with the volume on low I can still bareley hear my fans.

Alright, I've seen that headset, I really like it, so I may go with it over the steel series siberia v2....

Oh, AND, I'm hard of hearing, so noise doesn't bother me at all, especially since I'll still probably not be able to hear it...




or your choice of ram

and with the leftover money from the cheaper msi board and gskill combo you could upgrade to 

THIS!: and have some money for games if my math is right(probably not)

the tradeoff with an amd gpu right now is you can litecoin or bitcoin mine way better than an nvidia gpu(mining is amd biased). its not that hard to figure out and after a while you will make alot more money. i got into litecoin mining in less than an hour to give you and idea.

And you have to download physx for your cpu if you really want them that bad.