Building a PC Google hangouts!

Would anyone be interested in going to a Google hangout today at around 3pm-5pm eastern time, i am going to be building a PC, you could watch and learn or i could use your help if you know more things then me., If you are interested then i will setup a hangout



Add me on Google hangouts: email: [email protected]

Leave your email so i can add you to the call!

If you know of a better way to set this  up then feel free to tell me!

You could perhaps set up a livestream. That way anyone can watch, and they don't need to give you their email, nor you give out your email.

Live streaming is hard and i'm doing this on a crappy laptop, and i have seen People on this forum do a similar thing's, im not trying to do this grandiose thing, just wanna chill and build a PC with the fine fold of the tek-syndicate forum!