Building a PC for my friend

Hi people, I want to build a PC for my friend, I haven't talked to him in a while since he had a girlfriend that was whoring all his attention away from everything, but now that the girl is gone, it's back to my good old nerd bro, and it's about time we step up his console gaming habits to the GLORIOUS PC GAMING MASTER RAAAAAACE!!!

What him and I are looking for is the more power for less money while using quality parts, because we don't want the machine to break up on him, do we?

-Our budget is around 1000 $CAN but we're pretty loose, let's say not over 1500, because we don't include the keyboard, mouse, Win8.1 and we got to save some cash to buy games afterwards

here's the "prototype" build, let's start from there and tweak accordingly:

-This build is only for gaming, might be streaming some times for fun. (and doing basic stuff on the interwebs of course)

-Since we want the best performance for our money, we're obviously going to overclock, maybe OC an 8350, or OC an 8320 to match 8350 stock performance, or whatever you may suggest, please do! (since I can't find Phenom on newegg, it's gonna be FX) However, i'm not really familiar with intel, and we're going for the best price/perfomance so yeah, AMD...

-Speaking of performance, in terms of gaming graphics performance, we're aiming at 60fp/s, 1080p at highest possible settings, for now, I chose a asus R9 270 dcu, probably gonna OC too. Also I can have a sapphire 6850 for 85$ from a friend, sounds like a great deal.

-My friend chose the CoolerMaster HAF 932 for the case, I don't like that case. Yes, it has 3 big ass fans, but I've read reviews, it seems to be poorly made; fans malfunctionning, standoffs are off, etc. For a 190$ price point, i'm not liking it. the case is the LAST thing I want to have problems with, I can throw these rather far, that'd be unfortunate.

-The 650w psu is probably a tad overkill, but since I don't have any knowledge on electricity, it's pretty much a blind pick for me, also if you have some sort of Logan's STFU formula for other electric matter in computing, please share it with me, that'd be great!

-All the unmentionned parts are swapple with no problem, just mention why, we also might put in an SSD (hyperX3k) and either a Noctua nh-d14 or corsair hydro loop since the FX stock cooler is a loud piece of crap.

Thank you very much for going through that looooong text, I really appreciate your opinions and help, so does my friend.

Love you guys <3

Canadian version of PcPartPicker!

I need to catch some sleep, but anyway.

Ram speed doesn't matter for gaming, really.

Mild OCs with a Hyper 212.

Got an SSD in there.

GTX 760

You spent too much on that case.  The Source 210 Window is an alright budget case.

High quality power supply.  650w works too, but you don't need that much power even with some overclocking.

You went TL;DR didn't you?

maybe an ssd for the os, that will make the system a lot more snappy. look at like the m500 lineup from crucial


Ruben This what i put together i removed the ssd in lue of a better video card. This card will run all the latest games at 1080p Maxed out with high frames if you are easy on the AA. This Motherboard also has a fast boot option with windows 8, I have it and it's really fast i never had a ssd so i can't say it's as fast as one. Switched the Power supply to a 650w because it is on sale for 70$ . Switched the case it's one of the best in the price range from what i hear. And the cpu fan to the upgraded version have it on my 8320 and have nothing bad to say about the cooling the installation on the other hand is a pain in the ass. And added a wifi card because this motherboard does not have wifi but if you are going with a wired connection you can remove it and save some money.

you chose the same PSU as me, Tx650 corsair

Lol Nice Choice its a great PSU.