Building a PC for my friend

This PC will be used for gaming only. His budget was $700 so I figured this build would be the best bang-for-the-buck. His game selection consists of: Arma, Skyrim, Minecraft, Battlefield, Metro 2033, World Of Tanks, Red Orchestra 2, and DayZ Standalone. I had conviniced him to not buy the next-gen consoles and go PC. 

With some minor tweaks I was able to get a better case, 2x the storage, better RAM and a 7950 which is generally much better than a 660ti!


I've seen some bad reviews of the MSI 7950 which makes me a little iffy.

Okay, over by £11 but you get a 7950 with really good reviews.

The reasoning to the GPU and PSU:

When life gives you an XFX 550w PSU for 30$, you buy it immediately. 

The HIS IceQ x2 cooler is much better than the IceQ cooler. The 7950 in the build can beat out a GTX 770 when overclocked. This card overclocks like a champ. 

Manimal's build is the best your gonna get.

I'd advise going with the case I put in.. It looks much better and looks to have better airflow and is cheaper