Building a pc for gaming and rendering

I will be rendering in Sony Vegas and wonder if I should buy a 670 rather than a 7970 for rendering purposes.


Core specs 

i7 3770k 

16gb 2133MHz Ram

7970 or 670

Thanks michlantecuh.


 $400 GPU

do you already have most of the parts? I'm asking for the budget as a whole for the build

I have no parts yet, the budget is $1800, no OS or monitor this will get you some damn good performance. Logan recently did a video for that price. But I feel I could do better, so here you do. I went with the 2700K instead, runs cooler so you can overclock even more past the 3770k

Is this magic? Lol 

Actully I mis calculated, mind making me one for $1650 with the xonar d1? Really sorry TADA $1624.56 FREE SHIPPING ON ALL!

I'd roll with 660ti's as opposed to those 7950s, but davidson's got the right idea. Also check your local PC stores, my local microcenter was liquidating their 2500-2700k's all last month.

he mentioned he is going to be using sony vegas as well. that's why I went with the 7950's