Building a pc for a customer

12 year old got his father to buy him a $2000 system a week after his mom bought him a similar rig. Sucks the parents aren't together anymore (I'm assuming that's the situation) but I really feel sick installing an ac wifi card into a z170 deluxe with onboard ac...

Wish his daddy would buy me a 980 ti +

such a waste...

Ouch What a waste. There is no way that a 12 year old can really use all of that power (Plus its a waste to spend that much on a system in the first place when you are 12 years old.

Alas that is the power of a parent's guilt.

You should tell the opposite parent and tell the kid to stop ripping people off.

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Somehow I wish I could have the card... "look, I gave your system ac wifi without even installing it, so you have more room for expansion. EVERYONE WINS! =D"

Idea: Hot glue and old Antenna to the back of the case and order the card anyways.

Then like write on the inside of the case something that will piss of the kid if he looks.

Edit: I just want to piss off this prick of a kid. I hate people who do this and children do not get a pat on the head or a spank on the butt. They get a kick to the balls like the rest of us.