Building a PC case

Not sure what to build, Only made this thread to crowd source some ideas and get a good idea of what someone would buy. I was thinking of tearing apart my old antec case back at my shop and turning it into some monsterous metal monstrousity (themed of course).


If anybody has any idea's i'd be completely open to them, positive or negative.

well, its been an idea of mine for a while, but a pc case with everything inside. sort of like a brief case. you open the top, and the screen is in the top of the lid, the motherboard and components are on the bottom of the case, and there is a 'floating' tray over that with the keyboard and mouse, that will raise up to the top of the opened case, so theres no edge.

I've built a shoebox pentium 3 once. I don't know any smithing skills though I'd like to build a case of my own, more of a rack for the motherboard sideways (a plate) with space for a psu, closed with a lid of some sort or mounted on a wall outside during winter (or in a wall) maybe make a server out of it. A more presumable case in the near future would be a wooden silent pc box, it's been done already and it looks great, depending on room furnishing.