Building a new water cooled gaming rig

Hey guys iam kinda new to watercooling but i have been building pc's

I want good looking simple water cooled rig

idon't know anythinh about the parts need buta i have selected a few parts with the knowledge i have 

and i am a huge fan of black and red color 


Intel Core i7-3930K

Asus Rampage IV Extreme

Kingston Beast 32GB(4x8GB)

HyperX 3K 120GB x 10

EVGA GeForce GTX Titan x 2

NZXT Phantom 820 

Cooler Master 1300W

Now water cooling parts 

EK-Supremacy Nickel


EK-FC Titan Nickel x 2

EK-BAY SPIN Reservoir - Plexi CSQ

Laing DDC-1T Plus 12V DC Pump

EK-CoolStream RAD XT (240)

EK-CoolStream RAD XT (120)

Tube PVC 8/11


EK-Ekoolant Blood RED


And can u guys suggest the fittings i need

Here is my plan 

First it goes to the cpu from the pump, then from cpu to 240 rad from there to the 2 gtx titans from there to the 120 rad and then into the reservior


it would be very helpful if u guys hepl me

I'm no case expert, but I don't think the Phantom 820 is compatible with a 360mm radiator, let alone two of them. 

You'll want to get a stronger pump, If you get one too weak it won't have enough pressure to go through that many blocks and radiators and will have poor flow. But yeah, this sounds like it'd be pretty sick. Go for 1/2" ID tubing and just get the fittings for that, compression fittings are nice but normal ones and tube clamps will work fine.

Well, as for the case, I would step it up to either a low end CaseLabs (even though a low ends CaseLabs will be an insanely high quality case), and 800D, or 900D. This would cost more, but you could save money by getting larger sized SSDs. Instead of 10x 128GB SSDs, get 2x 512GB, or 4x 256GB SSDs. Look into the 512GB ADATA SX900, SX910, and the Samsung 840 Pro.

I would get a 1250W SeaSonic X PSU instead of the Cooler Master one. I don't trust CM for anything except cases.

I recommend EVGA Titans - in my experience, EVGA makes some of the higehst quality graphics cards on the market.

For you waterblock, unless you are sold on the EK Supremacy, I would get the Swiftech Apogee HD and set up a dual loop. The Apogee HD will outperform the Supremacy, and offers the ability to expand two a dual-loop, and considering you will have 2 Titans, it would be very beneficial for your temps.

You will want a more powerful pump. Idealy, you would want dual pumps - this is necessary for a dual loop. I recommend getting 2x Swiftech MCP35X. A single one will work fine for a single loop for your CPU, motherboard, and 2x Titans, but 2 of them will make all temps better and increase flow.

Personally, I don't like bay reservoirs; they cause too much air to be inside the loop. A 250mL EK RES3 will be fine. If you want a larger one, you will need more coolant to fill it up to make things look sexy.

I think you need more rad space. 360mm would be fine for 2x Titans, but if you want to overclock the crap out them, then I would get 480mm total. If you get a CaseLabs case, you coiuld put a 480mm in the bottom, but otherwise, you coulduse a 360mm and a 120mm,  or 2x 240mm. Don't use 4x 120mm rads... That would just be silly :)

I recommend XSPC tubing. Try to get 1/2 tubing to accomodate the extra flow for that huge loop.

For fittings, I recommend DangerDen black compression fittings. When you get things like 90 degree pieces, or extrensions, you will end up spending a lot of money. A lot of people end up speding several hundred on tubing and fittings. Just get a single compression fitting that fits your tubing for each port on your blocks. :For the 2x Titans, you will be able to use an EK 2-way Dual Parallel bridge to connect them. You will need between 10 and 14 compression fittings, I belive. Get a few extra to be safe.

I would personally get Mayhems Pastel Red or Pastel White, but that is up to you. I think the pastel colors look better in clear tubing.

I recommend Noctua NF F12 fans if you are able to hide the fans, but otherwise, get Scythe Gentel Typhoon 120mms, or Corsair SP 120mm fans. Noctuas perform the  best, but damn, they are ugly.

Hope I helped! If you have any more questions, I will be more than happy to respond.


-Brennan Riddell

I hope you're getting a RAID card for all those SSDs because your motherboard isn't going to be able to support all of them natively. As for the water cooling parts, this is what I would recommend:

XSPC Raystorm CPU Block

Swiftech MCP655 pump

FrozenQ Reservoir

Alphacool NexXxos UT60 or UT80 in whichever size and number you prefer

Cooler Master Cosmos II or Corsair 900D (when it comes to market) for multiple radiators

Any GPU blocks you prefer

Primochill LRT tubing

Bitspower or Monsoon compression fittings

Distilled water or Ice Dragon Coolant

Some sort of anti-microbial additive

I have the 820 with a h100 (240 rad) push/pull in it and it has another slot up top for total space to hold a 360 rad. You wont be able to use the top optical bay, but it will work and it has 3 other optical drives to make up for that. And depending on the thickness of the rad you're using, you might be able to setup push/pull as well. But if you're using a 240 and a 120 rad on top, it wont work due to the ends on each rad. So you will be better off using the 240 at the top and the 120 at the bottom if you take out the bottom modular hdd bay. TTL did a good unboxing and overview of the case.

forward to about 25 mins in

uh....or he could just get a 360mm radiator....