Building a new PC

Hi so i wanted to ask you if this configuration would be good for the budget.

Here are the specs now

I didn't include memory cause i already have 8gb from my last PC and also the hard drives.

Any suggestions please let me now. 

+ Considering the budget of around 800$~1000$


Thanks. :)


Added an SSD, if you don't have any, an sli capable motherboard (cheapest one available it would seem), and a stronger psu for peace of mind, if you will get a second card.

I do have an ssd from my last system but yeah im not that good with choosing a motherboard. 

Isn't 600w efficient for 2 gtx 970?

Thanks for the advice :)

Probably, but I'd go 650-750w if you want to overclock at all

Okay I'll keep that in mind then :) would the corsair CX750m do? I'd love to get the evga one but where i live they are not for sale :/ 

get a good Heatsink, PSU and reuse it next time ?