Building a new pc

I want to build a mAtx system

I couldnt care less between amd or intel or nvidia.

I do perfer msi but the brand doesnt matter that much as long as the video card and mobo are the same brand

I plan to play battlefield 4 and dayz etc. at high to ultra settings 1080p at a reasonable framerate around 60 fps

price does matter i just dont want to spend more than i have to

This isn't helpful what so ever :)

You can easily play with 760k and 280X, but you will get better framerate with 4570 and 290X.

You need to assign some financial limits.

Let's say a 1000$ thank :)

This build would be able to run 1080p60 on ultra settings:

If you're willing to settle for high, you could step down to an R9 280, which would allow for an SSD as well:

i5-4690k is not listed in the Z97-P support list....?