Building A new PC, Any suggestions?

Ok well Its time for me to build a new PC. It has been a while, A little too long for comfort, but its time. Currently I have 2 monitors, 4gigs of ram and a AMD Phenom 9600 Quad core. This is all pretty much outdated. My new system I wanna build I want it to be able to multitask very well. I also want to do more than 2 monitors and I wanted to go for 3 monitors at 1080P each. Since I want it to multitask and game very well should I get 3 graphics cards, or 2 graphics cards and have 1 of them output 2 monitors? I want 2-4 SSD's in Raid 0 because I like having speed.Also I wanted 16 -32Gb ram, because I dont like upgrading very often and I like a lot of ram ( I keep WAY too many tabs open). And the biggest issue is between AMD or Intel, because that will determine which motherboard I am going to get, Regardless I want 8 ram slots, and the motherboard to support up to 64gb in case I want to upgrade. For the processor,  I am not gonna overclock because I dont play games as often as I like to. I want 6-8 cores at 3+ Ghz cores. And high speed ram, like 2100mhz. Now my issue is deciding on the proccesor, which will determine the board and help finding which graphics card will be the best. Oh and Im going to be modifying a Power Mac G5 case to accommodate a regular motherboard. I like this case its big and aluminum.  and of course all this will need a beefy power supply.   Thanks in advance for going through and reading all this!

Uhh, budget?

And you don't really need 8 ram slots to go overkill on the RAM.  I think if you really want 8 ram slots, you'd need 2011.  6-8 cores means FX-series or LGA2011.

High speed ram doesn't do anything for gaming if you have a dGPU.  It'll help, though, with productivity stuff like video rendering and stuff like that.

2 high end GPUs will power 3 1080 monitors.  Something like 2 R9 290Xs, or 2 780s.

750w 80+ Gold PSU would be my best pick.