Building a new gaming rig (around 950$-1000$)

Hey guys, building myself a new PC for Armored Kill coming out in September (want that FULL bf3 expenrience ;) ) so I want to make myself a pretty decent gaming rig.

I've made a prelimenary model, coming in at about 975$ (shipping/handling/taxes included)









CPU cooling:




Was looking at the GTX 480 because has good reviews (appart from heat issues), but hesitant because of said heat problems and the age of the card.

Currently I'm running a 21" 1680 x 1050 monitor, might wana up it to 1080p within a year or two, maybe even get dual monitors ? I'd like to be able to run BF3 on high-ultra settings in multiplayer and also GW2 and Far Cry 3. Any modifications, or any other suggestions to make it perform better for a price in the same ball-park? Thanks for any and all help guys!! (P.S. I live in Canada, saw the canadian PC build, dunno if it ACTUALLY changes much but hey ;)! Also not sure if I put in proper forum, so sorry if its the wrong one! )

I prefer pci(e) wlan adapters because they have less clutter than USB, performance there is no difference. Also look into powerline ethernet.

I don't see anything wrong with the build.


hold on I'll make you one that will smoke it as soon as my friends stop it with the skype

here are two comparisons between the CPU and GPU you picked out and the ones I did

with he 660 Ti you'll get twice the frame rate for DX11 games (like BF3) than the 6950

as for the CPU, the 965 is a dated CPU

I don't have an address to put in shipping so I gave about $40 to spare for shipping fees, if thats not enough then drop the hyper 612 down to a 212+ a stock i5 will beat a 4Ghz 965 anyway and with a 212+ you can hit 4Ghz without being to toasty

CPU/GPU  +borderlands 2 free






SSD (that is twice as fast)



Thanks for the quick replies guys! 

the CPU/GPU combo is very intising as they increase performance phenomenally according to those benchmarks!! But on that note, would I recieve a hardcopy of Borderlands 2? played the first one and wasn't a huge fan,so although a free game is awesome i'd probly just try to sell it and get a tad bit of money back. As for the RAM same speed as ripjaw, good reviews and cheaper so woohoo :D! 

I'm sorta concerned about the mobo, does it being a micro ATX change that much? (price is nice though). Case gonna switch from blackhawk to Challenger U3, not really feeling the blackbone, only has 2 stock fans, no USB 3.0 and PSU on top (heard its preferable on bottom?). As for the PSU, the 20% of one egg votes worries me a little, but i think I can cope with that for the price. Is there a significant difference between the heatsink you proposed and the EVO I had? checked the specs and RPM as well as sound and air intake seem to be the same (only difference I noticed was larger heatsinks), worth the 15$ extra?

For the SSD HDD and wifi ill keep what I chose just for the price.

I had seen that the Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 (around 140$) was a very good mobo with the i5-2500k (or the extreme 6 for about 20-30$ extra) and since i'm not sure bout the micro ATX used that to check prices. Total came to 951,60$ on newegg and would get the z77 x4 from a local shop (on sale so cheaper than new egg) with a grand total of 1112.60$ + OS from my brother. 

I'm thinking the (bit over) 100$ increase will be worth the performance of the machine, expecially if I can sell the copy of borderlands 2 for around 50$ + use the micro ATX (around another 50$), what are your thoughts? Any other ways of cutting the cost a bit without dropping the performance/reliability much?


Once again, thanks (and sorry for the wall of text)

I've used 20 of each the 430w, 530w and 630w over the past 2-3 years, not one bad, that I can vouch, as for the case, I was just trying to stay under budget, if you can afford to get a better case go on ahead, just don't let the other hardware suffer, no the m-ATX does not change anything besides it can fit in a wider varity of cases

I would honestly go with this HeatSink, don't get the 612 I gave the wrong model, the V6GT is beast for the money, so if you don't get the V6GT get the 212 EVO

the Evo should be good enough for 4-4.2Ghz but the V6GT will keep it cool 4.5Ghz and up