Building a new AM3+ platform

So basically, I'm moving from a AM2/AM2+ platform. I currently use a MSI K9A2 platinum v1 motherboard with DDR2 memory. Processor I use is a AMD Phenom II 960T 3.0ghz (Overclocked to 3.8, Stable).

What I'd like to do is move to the AM3+ platform. What I'm wondering is, is AMD going to release a new platform this year, are we going to see a 1090 chipset? and is DDR4 going to become mainstream before the end of the year? Reason I ask is last time I did a nice refresh of the motherboard and whatnot, DDR3 went mainstream and I was not pleased being still on the DDR2, this seemed to happen like 6 months later.

If neither of those things are going to happen, these are the motherboards I was looking at,

basically it's the AsRock 990FX Extreme/4/9 series motherboards. I was wondering if anyone had any direct experience with the Extreme 9 version. I've played with the Extreme 4 directly and loved it. 

Finally, I was wondering if anyone had any good memory recommendations for a system that's going to be primarily used for gaming. 

From what I've seen browsing around, there won't be any new CPUs from AMD for awhile which means that the AM3+ and the FX will be sticking for awhile. The there are some announcements about the AMD's new APU "Kabini" that will come out soon that will be for the AM2 but that's a slightly different story. The FX series with its AM3+ platform should still have quite a good lifespan before it becomes a bit TOO outdated with its DDR3 Memory.

As for memory, the ones that I see all the time in people's gaming rigs are the Corsair Vengeance, G.SKILL Sniper, G.SKILL Ripjaw, ADATA Gaming, Mushkin Red, and Kingston HyperX. Usually 1600 or higher speed.

No direct experience with Extreme9


Ahh okay. Well thanks man. I'll be checking out those brands for the memory.