Building a MicroAtx Slim computer

Well this is my first ever post on tek syndicate. I love the youtube channel and when my girlfriend asked me to build her a PC that was really small I thougt I better get some good advice, and so here I am.

She wants a portable PC so I was thinking about doing a microATX slim case but I am unsure what to look for so far as motherboards and gpu, or even cpu cooler for that matter. If anyone one has any suggestions or tips and what to look for that would be appreciated.

She is using this computer for, mostly browsing the internet and light gaming so a low end GPU would be ideal.

I'd say throw in an APU and mITX board for maximum tiny, Bitches love APU's. It has a built in half decent GPU for light gaming, it runs pretty cool and quiet and you'll be able to have a good small computer, otherwise if you're set on mATX there are tons on mATX FM2 boards as well.

Just get her a laptop...

this is a good slim pc for general use and games

What's your budget?