Building a gaming rig for Streaming

Hey guy''s so I have a 1,000$ usd budget for a gaming pc/ streaming while gaming pc for a very very small known internet personality that is also in the United states military. I have built 3 pc's in my time but I would love some input other than my own.

I know that twitch caps right now for non partners is like 3500. What do I realistically need specs wise for a good rig. I was thinking something a long the lines a 4.0ghz OC quad cpu 16gb of ram and a 512mb 3gb ddr 5 vid card with a low grade asus mobo. Any input or feed back is welcome, I just want to make this better than his last pc he build which was a failure.

SLIGHTLY over your budget, but it would be a beast rig. you could choose a 280X, which would be cheaper, but you can stream with the 770 using shadowplay :)

if you did NOT want to use shadowplay, then you could go with this rig, which fits your budget PERFECTLY.


For streaming and gaming, this would be my way to go

For CPU, FX 8350/20 or i5-4690k. My coise would be the i5 because it tends to perform a bit better than AMD and if you like Arma or DayZ, you are gona love the single core performance. Also, with intel you can use quicksync to lower CPU usage while streaming, so no need for shadowplay.

8 GB of RAM is enough, i've been streaming and nevers seen RAM usage go over 5 GB

I would take R9 280X instead of GTX 770, since shadowplay will not be needed with quicksync enabled. Also, you will get an extra gigabyte of VRAM and the card is 80$ cheaper

This build leaves you with extra 80$ if you want to make any changes.

Hope I helped :)

^looks good to me.

It has to be Intel and Nvidia his current pc is a 8 core amd with a amd vid card and 16 gb of ram. I am gonna gut the PSU and use his old ram aswell as the case.

Here is my build

oh, well we did not know you only needed those 4 things lol looks pretty beast.