Building a Gaming PC (V. 2)

PCPartPicker part list:

I need a CPU cooler (preferably liquid), a motherboard, a full tower case, and suggestions on monitors/mouse/keyboard

For the PC build itself (excluding the monitors/mouse/keyboard) my budget is $1300-1500

I want to use this for gaming, video recording, and video editing

Any suggestions based off of the parts I have (any cheaper or better parts) would be appreciated

For a liquid cooler, I'd recommend a H100i, they're the go-to for closed loop coolers.

The noctua CPU cooler outperforms some liquid coolers, is quiter and cheaper too.

Is there particular reasoning you need a full tower?  The Fractal design Define R4 is in my opinion the best case in the market.  Big enough to stuff everything you need, high quality build and very silent

The motherboard is a very good one, you get a five year warranty which means quality parts.  You can push a good overclock with this board

I changed the graphics card to a GTX 770 4gb because video editing is better with more VRAM and games in the future will use more VRAM too espeacially considering the change from 1080p to higher resolutions

The power supply is great but a little too overkill.  The HX 750 is a better alternative for the price and even that is a bit overkill too.


Slight changes:

G.skill ram is out of stock.

Provides crossfire headroom.