Building a Gaming PC on a budget

Hi, im looking into building my own PC and i would like a Cooler Master haf 912 case and a I7 core. That much i know for sure but everything else is kind of up for debate. I was wondering what parts go well together and a build which could play games well on medium - high quality.

I am currently situated in England and so currency is GBP, if that changes anything.

Please could you post below components which are cheap but still can play games well. I also currently have a HP laptop with like 4GB of ram and thats all i know, so anything which is an upgrade from this would be great.

Any help is much appreciated.

What's your budget?


well i'd say my budget is around the £400 - £500 range but as time goes on i will be able to upgrade. Sorry should have put that in the initial comment.

You're not gonna get a decent rig built around an i7 for that price range.

looks nice, might have to buy it, thanks for help

Here's this, it's decent. You can upgrade to an i7 later on.

Yeah thats true SecretAuthor, i guess its one of them things i am going to have to upgrade when i come into a big of money

Hey secret author, sorry i didn't see your last post before i put my post above, i really like your build and may decide to use it and i am just debating about the core, would it be a good idea to change the core to a I3 for example or is the core you selected better? 

Phenom X4 955 has 4 cores 4 threads, i3 has 2 cores 4 threads. Some modern games take use of all 4 cores, some don't. They're basically equal, but if you don't want to overclock the i3 might be a better purchase. 955 is still fast though.

this is the build with the edited i3 core

the i3 is a better processor yes and has hyperthreading so your computer will see the cpu as a quad core (if no i3 go with phenom IIx4 its great!)

That cpu will seriously bottleneck 7870.

If he is so hectic in buying i7, let him buy i7 and use iGPu till he gets money for a real card

Yeah overclocking, at this stage, isn't a big deal to me. I would like a build which is within or near the £400 - £500 budget but yet can still play games well and is upgradeable in the future so i can put in the i7 in, in the future.

yeah i was thinking about the hyperthreading which is why i wondered if it would be better to put into my pc and also because its a nice core


Well obviously it'll bottleneck it. He said he wanted an i7. It's not possible with that budget, so gave him an affordable platform for his future i7 upgrade.

What's wrong with that?