Building a Gaming PC for the first time!

A 3770k will definitely NOT bottleneck anything!? It has the most gaming performance out there atm.

The 3930k etc are more for work than gaming. But, even that being the case I'd try to grab a 3820 instead. I mean they're all fast, really no i7 should bottleneck a Titan. That's a ridiculous thought. 

Get the H80i like said before.

I would just grab a 680 4Gb. If you are doing miniITX it's probably a better idea. I wouldn't go mini unless you actually need it to be tiny or plan on takinng it places. If you feel the need for a Titan though go for it! It WILL NOT be bottlenecked.

Seems cool though.


it's really not.... if you honestly think a 3770k wont bottleneck a titan, you need to do some research....

Use a custom Liquid Cooling Setup if you are brave enough, it will fit

i7 with titan should be okay. 2x7970s is also a good option. Would rethink the case though. I have the nzxt phantom 820 and its really amazing.

Spending way too much just for gameing in my opinion :/

Even this is over the top for gameing but