Building a gaming PC for a friend, What do you think of the parts?

This is just a budget gaming pc for a friend, What do you guys think of the parts? Best for the money, and recommendations?



CPU / RAM  (Bundle Deal) :




And holding all of this:

How does this all look to you guys? And my frriend wants to order all of this very soon so a fast response is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! :D

For a nice basic computer you have done well. The only thing I might consider is beefing up the PSU. I always like to go a little higher incase one wants to add things later. If you can get an SSD in there it would really top off the system. As far as an operating system go with windows 7 or use 8 with "Start is Back." This changes the abortion of 8 to kind of a Windows 7.5 giving you a start button and removing that stupid charms bar. Other than that I personally think you have created a nice little system.

Thanks, I know the PSU is not that high,  but I know he does not want to expand in the future much at all. As far as the os I have windows 7 already.