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Building a editing/rendering rig

Hello All,

I am building a rendering rig for a friend of mine and I need a second or 3rd opinion.

I didn’t go with a 3960x or 3970x because without a custom loop there would be no way to cool it effectively and this has to be a maintenance free setup.

I am unsure about the PSU I picked due to the fact that they might add a 2nd RTX Titan in the future, should I go with a 1200w?

I assume your component selection is based on the software used and not “it is expensive” :slight_smile:

When you are set on a Fractal Design case, go for one of the “Meshify”-versions.

I would recommend something like the Supermicro 743TQ-1200B-SQ or InWin IW-PL689

Even 750W PSU would be enough for one titan.

Maybe look at the SeaSonic Focus or Prime Series.

A 360mm AIO is overkill for a 3950x.
For uptime, you would want air cooling anyway.
Some options:

  • Noctua NG-U12A
  • BeQuiet DarkRock Pro4
  • Noctua NH-D14
  • Thermalright Macho series
  • Silverstone HE01-V2

While the Noctua Chromax series are nice fans, the Redux series would be enough (and cheaper).
Other options are EK Varder or NoiseBlocker.

Storage wise, you got a lot of SSDs there.
Might want to throw in a big HDD or two for bulk storage.

Ok, first, hello and welcome to the forum…

My guess is money are not an issue, cause everything you have here is super expensive and not necessarily great price to performance.

Those are really bad at airflow weirdly enough… Still better than R6 but not great at all…

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Well you could use a close loop cooler for a 3960x / 3970x,
Something like the NZXT Kraken X62.

Why not do 2 firecuda’s in raid? Have that as your scratch disk.

Hello all,

My goal is to futureproof this sicker as much as I can.

I was told that this has to have as much horsepower as humanly possible without any maintenance. Based on the workload and the lack of complete coverage of AIO’s for the threadripper chip, I was afraid that it would start throttling after the 4th hour of an 11 hr render of 8k footage. With the 3950x, I am sacrificing performance for long term reliability and the need for servicing a loop once a year.

For storage they are using a 8 drive NAS network setup so storage shouldn’t be an issue.

The board I picked has only 1 pcie gen 4 if I read the specs and reviews right and I didn’t want to bottleneck anything incase they want to add a second rtx titan.
I chose the titan based on testing Pudget systems has done and other benchmarks I have found when compared to two 2080ti’s in sli.

The case I picked after watching many reviews and I have the R4 myself I use for some light video editing and it seems to hold its own in terms of ventilation.

I updated the list, what do you guys think??

Are the Noctura Redux fans really more expensive than the Chromas Series in Canada?
What kind of backwards is that?

chromas are $10 CDN more expensive actually

I have a shopping list on with different prices

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If money is not a problem, you can still opt for the 3970X/3960X and cool it without having to depend on watercooling.


It’s a new type of cooling, Linus tested it on a 2990WX, works better than watercooling without the potential points of failure like wc. The production version of the cooler will be much compact. Also, the stock fans should be switched out for Noctuas.

Problem with Linus is that he’s a sellout and a hack. I wouldn’t trust him to sell me insurance. He’s more worried about his brand and appealing to kids than producing meaningful content that’s informative.

I’ve sent the most recent build for approval.

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I don’t think he is (although his merch plugs are kinda irritating).
But what about the hard data and facts?
Forget LTT, what about Tom’s Hardware’s findings that I linked in my previous post?

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Looks promising but it’s not even released yet and I will be building at the end of the month.

This is a new style of cooler from a new company I don’t know in a build for any customer. Unless I have 3 reliable sources I can trust, I will never use it in a Workstation.

LTT is for children with short attention spans.

He isn’t. There is a reason why he has a merch store and is sponsored by beverage companies.
If sponsoring is of concern, do you trust Gamers Nexus?

I don’t trust anyone but I trust gamers nexus more than I trust Linus.

Definitely recommend the NH-U14S TR4-SP3 over the NH-D15S.

Would be helpful to know what software your friend’s using, because it could warrant spending more on the CPU, and less on the GPU.

This might be a bit off topic but could you expand on this, why water cooling would cut down on overall uptime?

If a fan fails, you can just swap in a case fan for it. On low loads, you may not even need one to get you over the weekend.

If the pump fails, you are SOL.
There is a reason why water cooled servers do not have two pumps inside them and external pumps.

Fair enough the pump is indeed a single point of failure.
Personally however I have had good experiences with pumps as far as AIOs go so I wouldn’t count them out per se.

Adobe premiere pro and some other production related software