Building a Custom Acrylic Cooler

For the longest time I've been thinking about making my water-cooling setup a little more custom.. With the much more availability of 3D printers, I decided to design a better enclosure for my coolant to pass through and display my computer better. I can appreciate a nice air cooled/ basic water cooled setup.. but after awhile they just become the normal, everyday cliche that the average computer builder leans towards having. I made some ideas/designs on my own, and while it's a great idea it's definitely not the going to be the best ever. Doing research I came across an amazing video of a well designed, well displayed PC that incorporates a very custom setup. I'll link to the video, and I hope it serves as an inspiration to you guys as well.


Thats one badass system. I hope to build something of that caliber eventually, however I'm still in highschool so its still sort of a dream project for me... Music fit the video perfectly, and the guy had some excellent camera work in there. That PC (and video) is a work of art.

That build video is legitimately art. Go for it dude, I don't know how temps would be affected or if there would be any flow issues, but I'm sure if the acrylic parts are designed right it wouldn't be an issue. But sweet mother of PC do it.

Now I just need to design a custom liquid system to cool my Xeon that will fit inside my Node 304 >:)

This makes my gaming PC look like the new Mac Pro

That build you shared is pure art as Hikage said. Thanks for sharing.

Regarding your custom acrylic cooler, I say go for it as I'd definitely do it. Maybe in a few years...

Good luck! Also I'm sure it'll get good feedback if you post your final build here.

Thanks JoZeuS! I'm glad to share some of my interest with individuals of the same mindset as me. It's definitely a project to consider doing! It might be more of a reality to build with even a cheap 3D printer like I mentioned.. In the authors description he mentioned having 4 D5 pumps, so I doubt there's any restriction in the flow with that much pumping force cryptnotik.

Since I work as an electrical engineer for a circuit board company, I'm always designing new prototypes and making smaller boards to allocate the best space per component. Seeing all these custom boards our customers expect to suit their needs, I can easily say my mind looks at the standard ATX and laughs. Building a custom PC is always on my to do list, and I'm talking about more than just a basic water-cooled build.

Being you an electrical engineer with all that knowledge I see you will have no trouble building a custom cooler/PC.


p.s. I'm sorry for my late reply but these days have been crazy!...

Not 3D printed, 3-axis milled.

When I first got into building my own rig I saw this and realised what I was getting myself into, that I wouldn't be done with my rig for a long time, and that it is more than just building a computer, it is about building MY computer, for ME. When I really just feel down about where I am in my build (various constraints) I go to this video and remember the feeling. It keeps me patient as well as thankful.