Building a computer: need help with compatible parts and such


by searching the web I have found that it is cheaper and easier to build a computer on your own and after watching your video "How to build a PC: The Ultimate Guide from Tek Syndicate" it looked really easy.

but I have little experience with computer parts and I am unsure if some of the parts I have picked will be compatable or fit in the case, things like that. So I know I am asking a lot (or at least I think I am) but could you guys have a look at the specs of these parts and tell me that if I build it I will have no problems or not. Also if possible could you tell me why these parts are compatable.

P.S I choose these parts because I wanted to build a good gaming computer that can play most modern day games on Max settings. So if you could tell me if that is possible with these parts I would greatly appreciate it.

P.P.S My parents budget was $1000 and they know that all of this added up is slightly over that.

Here are the parts:

Mother board: - (this is the main source of the problem I don't know what to look for when I am reading the specs. Also is it too big to fit the case?)

Case: - (don't know if it is too big or too small)

CPU: - (I think the pins are 1155)

Graphics card:

CPU cooler:



optimal drive:

Power supply: ( too little, too much power?)


Thank you very much in advance.



To me this seems like a good build if your down on money you might want to consider to save a little on the CPU since it is not all important and get a cheaper model. 
You could also consider going with windows 7 instead.

get this CPU cooler instead

Why not use Pcpartpicker?

thank you for the sugestion and also are you saying these parts will work and run fine if I put it together?

sorry for asking a complete n00b question

Is this a better model? also reading some of the reviews it looks hard to install. Do you think I could manage because this is my first time building a computer.

you dont realy need 16gb ram for gaming. a good amount would be 8gb


212 evo is the newer model of the + so it is a bit better and mounting it does not seem that different from the 212+

ok thanks, I will probably go for that one then

That ram is fine, there's like zero gaming performance difference between 1333 and 1600 ram in non-APU systems and unless 16gb of ram lowers gaming performance, 2x8gb is fine too.

That harddrive is pretty damn fast, probably the fastest on the market but still sad to see no SSD in such a beastly computer.

Budget SSD: Samsung 830

Baller SSD: OCZ Vector

We all start with the noob questions! 

Butt yeah to me this looks very fine, the only thing to really make sure you get right is the cpu and motherboard combination that can get a little tricky sometimes but it looks fine :)


thank you so much

what do SSD cards do? I heard they just speed up the launching times of games the first time you boot the game up. 

Extremely fast hard drives basically, usually more expensive but worth it. They speed up anything to do with loading, so they'd make a very good addition to your computer. The motherboard should fit the case and CPU just fine.

Thank you everyone for the extremely fast answers and tips :D

thanks, Does the SSD replace my harddrive?

You cna have more than one hard drive...

SSD's are pretty much for frequently used games/programs and your operating system. Or smaller ones (Like 60Gb) are used for intel smart caching system to speed up freqently used things but not actually store anything.



Yes, but they will be very small capacity for the money. My suggestion is get a small SSD (60GB - 128GB) for the commonly used programs and OS, then get a hard drive for mass storage. Very common configuration nowadays.