Building a Computer -- Help/Recommendations

I was building a computer and have almost everything I need already, but when i went to go order my "Asus Radeon R9 280 3GB DirectCU II Video Card" it was out of stock ... Should I continue waiting who knows how long for this one specific card to come back in stock, or is there something much greater for around that price point and performance that I have glanced over and skipped??

Some important Info. :::

Link to PcPartPicker Build --> My Build

The games I mostly play will be ARMA 3, GTA V, Euro Truck Sim, DCS, Minecraft (FTB), Dont Starve, Sim City 5

Grab the 280x if you can afford it but if not grab the one of the 280's.




You can search else where other than pcpartpicler.

Asus coolers aren't very good on Radeon cards. Look at XFX or Sapphire.

i would spend a few bucks more on the gpu if you can afford, and grab a Sapphire R9-290 Tri X OC. its not that much more expensive then a 280x, but its worth every single penny.