Building a computer for parallel fortran programming

Hi there. I am willing to build a computer to work on fortran programming (I am currently doing so, and I have a big machine at my workplace at my disposition, but I also want to have one of my own at my apartment). I live in Argentina. Here everything is more expensive, and for example a ryzen 7 1800x processor is right now around U$S750, which is considerably more expensive than the U$S500 you pay in other places of the world.

Anyway, my idea is, as I said, to use my computer for programming tasks, and running the programs I write, and other programs (most of them written in fortran, compiled with gfortran). This programs are really heavy, I simulate some complicated physical processes, which with some theories other than the ones I use are needed supercomputers to get the same results (anyway, the theory I use was developed by my research group and allows us to run this type of processes in desktop computers, but I need lot of ram, and days for running one simulation to get a good convergence). I say this only to give an idea of what are my needs.

What I actually want to know is what type of processor would you recommend me for this tasks. Of course, I would like to save as much money as I can, but I need something that meets the requirements. Is ryzen better suited for this types of tasks than some intels processors considering that I will run programs in parallel and that ryzen offers 8 cores for a good price?

If ryzen is better suited for me, which ryzen should I choose? which motherboard? which memory ram? (I have a maximum of U$S2000 to expend, which are my savings, and I would like to buy 32gb of ram).

All comments are welcome, if you think that I should look for something else, if there are some important issues I should take a look for, other specifications, please, let me know, I'm not an expert in computer, and I came here for some help.

By the way, I am thinking in waiting a few months before buying anything, do you think this is a good idea? and when do you think it would be the sweet spot in time for buying a new processor considering all the new competition there is in the market?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards.

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If you are still looking for a processor the ryzen 2700x is quite a good deal. Its got 8 cores that have pretty decent clock speeds. If you need a lot of pcie lanes and ram you could get ryzen threadripper like the 1900x or 1920x. Also if your work load needs purely a lot of cores something like the parallela compute board could be useful . Ryzen 2 also may be coming out in the near future (the 2700x is ryzen+ not ryzen 2).

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