Building a computer for computer game development

This is my first time on the forum, So I own a macbook Air that is currently my daily driver, and I have been programming in unity for a while now with little to no issues.
However I have a lot of interest in moving to the unreal engine, which requires a much more powerful computer.
As a potential ex mac user I have little experience in hardware so i'm sorry if I ask any stupid questions.
I am going to spend 1200$-1900$ (However i'm in the uk so 800-1200 pounds), is that enough for a powerful game development computer? and I was wondering what does a computer for game development really need? And what do I really need to focus on in terms of hardware.
I'm sorry if this has already been covered on the forums, I went through and most of what I found was about gaming PCes, now i'm not sure if there are any distinct differences of what is needed between gaming PCes and once that are used for game development, I am good with software, terrible with hardware.

Thanks for helping!

So all I know for sure is that I need a really powerful CPU, something > 3 ghz quad core? would be great, as someone who comes from macbook air, I must say that the SSD is a must, its speed is invaluable. I don't mind not having a lot of space, all I need is speed and power :{
But again I just don't know what I need and that is why I seek your help.