Building a Computer! Console Convert!

I recently decided to make the switch to computer gaming because of lack of graphics and lack of freedom in my console games. So what im looking to do is build the best computer with the best hardware for speed and graphics, May do some video editing in the future. My budget is around $1200 (willing to do more if its worth it.) I want something that will last and is easily upgradable. I want to build around the AMD FX-8350 and put it in a Corsair Vengeance Series C70 Gunmetal Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case.

So lets see what you got for me!

Besides the case with components, do you need monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers?


And how much more money can you afford?

It will be worth it, I can guaranty you that...


If your not going to be useing cuda cores for your video editing swap out the nvida card for the HD7970 

i just need the rig but will take suggestions on all the other stuff

show me what you got and ill tell you if i can do it!

The fastest $1200 yet??? (I don't think so)