Building a Business PC for a friend

Basically I'm just going for cheap, but quality. They run these for web surfing, checkouts, etc. I want something quality that's going to last them a decent amount of time. I threw this together. I feel, however, that I'm forgetting something. Am I?

EDIT- Final build?

Seems fine, id go for a better PSU and a better HDD, one of the Biggest Problems i could see in the future would be dust, so a case with a dust filer on the Intake/PSU should keep it from overheating as quick if it gets neglected... which it probably will.

Well I was actually thinking about just buying some dust filters from a hardware store. As far as the powe supply/hard drive, I'm going budget. The psu is 80 plus, 400 watts, so that should be okay. And the HDD was decent enough, basically.

Also this is dumb, but will a 3gb/s sata drive work in a 6gb/s port? i don't see why it wouldnt...

Yep Backwards Compatable, and just make sure the PSU has plenty of Ventelation and a dust filter for the intake then, because overheating is what ends up killing most PSU/Pc's

The PSU has a 120mm exhaust fan on it, so it should stay quiet. As far as intake, I don't see a filter. Perhaps slapping a dust filter on each one and telling the people I'm building it for to just vacuum it off every so often would be a good idea.

Any other input? I want to make sure this is a good build to go with before they commit to buying it all hahaha.

Not too sure how much data they will be saving on this system but you should have a second HDD in RAID so if a drive fails the company does not have to shut down in order to change a hard drive. I would also go with a minimum of 500Gb for the drives.   

The only info they save on the computers is programs. Like I said, they're just ran as checkout machines/web surfers basically. They really probably won't even need that much space. The company itself has other computers for saving files, etc. Seeing as they're just running these as checkouts and surfing the web, that build could even be somewhat overkill, but I went with the APU so they'd have lasting graphics and I went with the 4 gigs of 1866 since the APU has to share memory between the system and the GPU.


Made one tiny change. The estimated wattage is only like 150 so I bumped the power supply wattage down to 300 and I went with a Seasonic 80+ bronze so they can save a little more on their electric bill.

Edit- Also went with a WD Caviar Blue drive, since I basically just like WD and it was the same price

No doubt the SeaSonic 80+ is the way to go for both power consumption and reliability.

Looks like this the final build- Saved a few dollars here and there on some things and went with parts that are a little better