Building a budget gaming PC

I have been wanting to build a decent gaming rig. I'm sort of new to PC gaming, My friend (who is into PC gaming) says i should only get intel processors and spend $1000 on the entire rig. If i could get some help with finding cheap parts that run most-all games at high settings that would be great. 

My friend also says that i should buy all of the parts at once. Should i do that or could i possibly buy them separately?

So the planned budget is $1000 and below, prefferably aiming for the smallest price ?

Regarding the intel bias, he is not entirely wrong, at least in these times. AMD has not made any competitive cpus aimed for mid-high end gaming, while intel's offerings have become faster and more efficient. It's always about the budget.

TL; DR, intel - 2014 technology, amd - 2011-2012 technology. 


Depending on your budget, you can buy some ram and the gpu separate of the rest of the build. Get a at least a 4 GB stick of RAM, and if you go AMD APU, or almost any intel chip, you can use the onboard graphics, until you save up some cash.

i was looking for something lower than 500 if thats possible, and thanks for the help.

my friend has a fear of stuff DOA when it gets to him. thats why he says buy it all together, to make sure all the pieces fit together.

I understand now. Then the best thing to do is get a running system. As I said above, if the cpu has embedded graphics, you can see if the pc actually runs. Then you can buy the graphics card later.

any recommendations on what parts i should get? 

I just need some help with the motherboard, and processor. I can figure out the hard drive, case etc.

im thinking of a mid atx case and a 1tb hard drive


This is what i suggest and for that budget I think AMD is your best bet 



An SSD would be a nice investment, as they've become quite affordable. If you don't want one, just remove it and the price will go down a bit.

AMD build -

Intel build (no GPU) -

No OS included.

Thanks agaun for the help, i appreciate it