Building a auto desk inventor/ simulation workstation

Could you give me a suggestion for an optimum computer station running Inventor 2013, FEA and Mechanical Simulation for 8 hours a day 5 days a week.


Budge needs to be less then 3200 dollars and any suggestions from video cards to processor on down would be greatly appreciated.

This is for a company and not for home use.

Left some room.

The Firepro V7900 is going to smoke any consumer card, and even the Quadro 4000, in geometry. Fantastic professional card.

The 3930k and Asus P9X79 WS provide a great pair for editing, with lots of threads, and lots of stability. Pair it with a Phanteks PH-TC12DX in blue to match the color scheme, and with the Noctua NF-F12s, provide hearoom for some mild overclocking, in the 4.2 to 4.6 range.

64GB of 1600mHz CL 7 Trident X memory. Simply remove the red fin on top with two screws, and you have a solid black module that performs amazingly. 64GB should be enough, right? ;)

A 512GB ADATA SX900 gives you room for all of your Autodesk products, Windows, and such, with 2 additional 2TB SEagate SV25.5 HDDs for either redundancy, or a full 4TB of storage.

Silverstane Raven; great case, one of the few that fits the SSI CEB form factor, that won't cost $400+.

Finally, the Lepa G650 PSU; solid as a rock, and for a great price.

For the processor:

I would suggest a X79 chipset like Brennan, BUT in a couple a month there's a new line of Intel CPU for it, I7 4930K, 4960X and that's what you need cause it brings PCI-e 3.0 to that plateform.

The GPU:

I don't know Autodesk Inventor, but keep in mind that NVIDIA is partner now, and owns Mental Ray and Iray, and if the simulations on your software are PhysX dependant, you just don't have a other choice but NVIDIA and I would suggest GTX 780 or GTX TITAN and 8X8Gb DDR3 2133 HyperX beast.

For the system drive a 250 Gb SSD is more than enough unless you have a lot of other sofwares installed.

I would suggest a WD velociraptor 1 Tb SATA III 10000 RPM 2"5 or 3"5 for your workspace. (delocating your projects from user/xxxx to that drive)

You are suggesting consumer level cards for professional alllications. At least go for a Quadro 4000 if you are using Nvidia.

The HyperX Beast memory has a terribly high CL, and is overpriced. The Trident X is cheaper, and has a CL of 7, which is much better than a high frequency for editing.

I agree on the ram, plus the red top part of the heatsink is removable for clearance

if we had a deffinet date on Ivy-E I'd say wait for that but i don't know

as for what to get right now, get a professional based card, brennan is more knowlegdable about which ones to get but as far as CPU, at stock clocks, nothing can beat the 8 core xeons at productivity

of course the higher the clock the better it will be, I know for a fact that 2.2Ghz 8 core xeon beat the 3970x at productivity in almost all test, you probably can't afford on a 3K budget to get both the 3.1Ghz one AND a Pro card

At most, the 4930k will provide 10% more increase, just like from standard Sandy to standard Ivy. Plus, at lanuch, you can expect the premium to be more than a 10% increase in cost.

I use professionnal applications(photoshop since 1996,AfterEffect since 2008,Zbrush since 2010), BTW Autodesk applications (3DS MAX since 2009, MudBox since 2011)and what I suggest is what I and many other professionnals with descent hardware knowledge do. I bought a GTX TITAN(GK110) which outperform the best Quatro(K5000->GK104) for now

No, a Titan will not out-perform a Quadro 5000 in Autodesk, and especially not a Firepro V7900.

yes in games, not productivity

GK110 is the chip in Titan and in pro Tesla K20 (NVIDIA pro) whjch is a graphic accelarator and has no output, so you have to add it to a quadro (internally called MAXIMUS solution) but actually that the top of the Kepler serie. There's no Quadro with a GK 110, or maybe very recently. I don't check NVIDIA website everyday.

I'm not recommendng a Quadro at all. The Firepros, for less, out-perform even the Quadro 5000 and 6000.

I'm not a gamer, guys,I'm a game designer, and guess what? We use the same hardwares as gamers do (but the top of the line).

quadro K6000, and teslaK20 all have the GK110 chip

If you're developing games, sure - you will want to use a consumer card for the performance. But guess what? Autodosk isn't a game development software suite. Autodesk is for engineers, 3DSMax and Maya are for game development. And even then, a professional card is going to out-perform the Titan on those applications, but obviously not in the performance of the game itself. 

For a "game designer," you don't seem to know much about game development.

pro cards have ECC ram, game cards do not, they also have a more optimized driver

Brennan, WE use 3DS max or Maya or SoftImage for 3D modeling(+others stuff-> clothes simulation, rigging, animation) and export tu UDK, Cry Engine or Unity. Go to Autodesk website, look fo game development . They even have a brand new GameWare line. Autodesk is specialised in 3D content creation, rendering, animation and simulation, for Games, Films, Architecture... where ever people want some content in 3D. 3DS max is the oldest Autodesk software after Autocad and true, it was originally intended for engeneers and architects. My brother is architect, my son is network ingeneer and we all three work on different Autodesk softwares.

3DS max , Maya , SoftImage are AUTODESK softwares.

AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, and such are not the same as 3DSMax and Maya. Yes, they are all made by the evil Autodesk, but they are not the same by any means.

and to add to this I believe pro cards also have an extra tier of support should anything go wrong. Time is money.

I don't think I ever said that; check my first post -> quote:"Idon'k know Autodesk Inventor" But I know what technology they working on, with which companies (as far as it's public)

I've worked 2 years in 3DS MAX with a GTX560 ti 2 GB, handling some scene of few millions of polygons, when a FirePro can't even launch the viewport without crashing the software. (before that I had a GTS 450 1Gb - > works well under the first million of polygons) That's facts. NVIDIA and AUTODESK are partners. Only Maya with its Open GL viewport could work with an AMD card, before the brand new viewport 2.0 (DirectX 11).

The main fact is, the OP use AUTODESK sofwares and come to a gamer website for hardware advices. The pro card have optimised drivers related to the sofwares, but that's it. Using a custumer card you just have to set a custom profile and desable some automatic settings. Both products are built with the same components. Only the GK110 was exclusive pro till the TITAN.

And I hope, you guys understand, if I answer it's to help. It takes a lot of reading to figure out all this. Just killing some while I waiting for my new CPU.