Building a ADSL2+ Modem with pfSence

Hi everyone,

I'm new here at TekSyndicate forum but an old fan on youtube. I wish to build an ADSL2+ modem myself using pfsence. I did watch Logan's awesome video about "How to turn an old pc to an epic router " however my question today is on how to make it ADSL2+ compatible. I do not have an old pc so i'm looking to buy the components.

Thanks in advance for your time guys :)

Well the first wall to overcome is getting an addin card that is compatible with the BSD OS.

Some appear as an Ethernet device to the computer.

If you can not find a compatible card then use the traditional setup of using a modem and using the pfsense as just a router. There is no benefit to really intergrating the modem within the pc other than reducing the amount of hardware lying around.

Other than that nothing really power is needed, as stated by Logan 'A router is essentially a slow computer'.

Look at an SSD if you want to do caching as it will be nice and speedy, especially if you have a slower internet connection

Thanks zanginator!