Building a 3D design pc

Hello, If you read this i am planning on building a new pc soon mainly for 3D rendering and modeling being in that it is my job and wanted to know what components you would recommend for such a build.

Here are some tips to you.

  • Use a Quadro or Fire card from AMD or Nvidia instead of mainstream ones, as they are more optimized for these kinds of workloads.
  • Maybe go with an AMD FX-8350, they have good performance for the money, but also the Intel's chips(i7 and up for these kinds of workloads) is a very good chip for this field.
  • Definitely go with 16 gb of RAM or higher because 3D design will eat resources like a hog

First things first: what software will you be using and what technology is it compatible with? OpenGL, OpenCL, Cuda, etc.

What is your budget? This will dramatically effect whether we recommend consumer products or workstation products.

Do you need any recommendations for peripherals, such as monitors? Some of these high bit-depth monitors are extraordinarily expensive.

My software will more than likely be cinema 4D and my budget is in The 3000 Dollar ballpark

Thank You for the help

If you are using OpenGL or OpenCL and you aren't using terribly much double-precision calculation, then you can get by with consumer-grade AMD graphics cards just fine. If you need CUDA, you need an Nvidia card. If you need double-precision, then you're going to want either a Titan or a Quadro.

If you have money to burn, wait until quarter 3 of 2014 when Intel will be coming out with their much-anticipated X99 chipset and the new lineup of socket 2011 processors, which won't be backwards compatible with the older socket 2011. This should be a rather significant boost in performance. If you don't have a lot of money, a quad-core i7 is great for physics computations. If you really don't have a lot of money, or you aren't doing a bunch of physics computations, then an AMD FX 8350k is a good value.

Dell has a tendency to produce panels with very good color reproduction in their lineup designed for graphic artists. In this case, you pay a bunch for a 10-bit panel and it also happens to be UHD.

Thank You for the help