Building a 350$ Gaming PC

Hello guys i want ur support ... so i was searching all over the internet for a cheap upgrade to my PC (i have HDD mouse keyboard case etc.. ) so i have to upgrades paths which are AMD or Intel.

I know that this question is kind of lame .... but every site i just 100% diffrent than the other some says oh dont get an amd it sucks and others just say save ur money and get an AMD , so here are my options: 


1.Phenom II x2 965 3.4 Ghz 

2.Asus HD 7770 Ghz direct cu

3.Kingston HyperX 4x2 GB 1600mhz

4.Gigabyte 80+ bronze 500w

5.Mobo any am3+ 1600mhz support.


 1. i3-3220 3.3 Ghz ivy bridge

2.2.Asus HD 7770 Ghz direct cu

3.Kingston HyperX 4x2 GB 1600mhz

4.Gigabyte 80+ bronze 500w
5.Mobo asrock b75 or p75

Now my Question is which of those will play BF3 on Ultra ~ very high and Far cry 3 ultra
Note: i can wait and get an i5 3.1 ghz but which is more important in games bus speed or cores ?
another note my friend got an i5 3.1 ghz and saphire hd 7770 and 8gb kingston 1333mhz and he plays farcry 3 45+ fps and COD BO2 60+ (solid) and BF3 42 avg :D so will the i3 back my proformance down ? or should i get an AMD quad core like the phenom ... and thanks :D

get the amd one because it can (very likely) be unlocked to a quadcore, then be overclocked further


i doubt they will play Bf3 on ultra, but on medium-high settings on 1080p, maybe maxed on a lower resolution

go with something like this you will be much happier with the performace for just a little more.

I think an AMD FX6300 would fit this build better, piledriver series cpu's are getting awesome reviews.


is your case ATX (7 PCI holes in the back) Micro ATX (4 holes) or mini ITX (1-2 holes)?

Hello, and thanks for ur replys guys ... i wish i can do what @ragingh4vok  and @spenlard i heard alot of downs about the piledriver at gaming is that true ? and @gigabusterEXE its the mid one not the very tall one and not the micro one

if you go with a am3+ mb when the new cpu's from amd come out (steamroller) you can put in a 8core and be good to go. so you loose a little fps with a Phenom II x2 over an i3 but you can upgrade to a better cpu than the i7 third gen. in 6-9 mounths. with the intel build you'll have to get a new mb to upgrade to the latest cpu (haswell). where the steamroller fx cpu is set to be over the haswell cpu's based on the intel and amd's roadmaps. (750w psu for later builds.) (550w psu)

you know dual/tri core phenom II's can usually unlock to quadcore, so he could save a bit and go for a dualcore instead and still (most likely) get a quadcore out of it

not really, logan and them just benchmarked the FX 8350 and it did very well vs the intel chips