Building a $1200 gaming pc

im  am building a gaming computer for storing movies and games, at the moment i am using a laptop and it dosent cut it i have a budget of $1200 and i will be playing games like battlefeild 3, crysis 3, call of duty, and other high quality games and i was wondering any recomedations on parts like a list or anything to help me out all i want to do with the pc i have 60 fps lag free games so i can have the best gaming exsperience cheers gyes and the tek.

I'm not an expert but do invest in a good GPU games like crysis 3 and battle field (especially since 4 is only moments away) dont slack on that. 

I saw a video of dual 760 (i think it was dual 760) out performing solo 780s and titans by like 40-60% better margin.

If you dont want SLI or crossfire you could also just get a good GPU.. invert mostly in a decent cpu a good gpu and get well rated ram and a mother board (if you font plan on overclocking).

 With OS

Unless you're looking for a full system or something with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.