Building a 1000 dollar range pc vs. console

Im in the market to build my first gaming pc and i have a decent budget but i can't seem to decide wether to get a pc or console 

if i do build the pc i wanted to get some recommendations AMD vs intel and things like that 

i dont know alot about hetsinks or cooling if someone could shed some light on that. 


Open to any suggestions

Well, a PC can do pretty much what the consoles can do.  If you want console exclusives, then sure, buy a console and have a budget gaming rig.

Of course, you're at a community who encourages building PCs.

Do you need any peripherals(Os, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakets, etc)

i have a moinitor but it only has an hdmi port and i already have a mouse and keyboard

Here's a build to start with:

If you prefer Intel, I can create a build for that as well.

My only affinity to amd is reliabillity and preformance I have no prefernce but I've heard amd isn't as reliable as intel 

Usually the problems for both Intel and AMD come in when something is cheaped out on.  The build I created should be pretty balanced and reliable.

I've always been with AMD and never had any issues at all, except for minor overheating with one (with stock heatsink and dried thermal paste). I'd go with Some Tech Noob's build, it will last you a long time and will perform really well.

ok thanks alot!

that motherboard Some Tech Noob suggested is a really nice board. I have it in my system now.