Building $950 Gaming PC

This is my first ever build so I know theres something I can do better with part selection. I am probably going to buy some parts from Micro Center and others from newegg. I have a Micro Center close by so its not a big prob going there. I would be willing to go to $1000 but i really want to keep it where it is. Micro center isnt working right now so im just going to post the parts as if I were buying from Newegg 

CPU/Cooling:3570k Cooler Master TPC 812

MOBO:ASUS Z77 Extreme

GPU/RAM:Nvidia EVGA 660ti Patriot Intel Extreme Master 8GB

Case/DVD-ROM:Coolmaster Elite 430 Samsung 22x dvd burner

PSU/HDD:Corsair Enthusiest Series TX750 Seegate Baracuda 500GB 7200 RPM 64mb cache

Since overall im under and going to be under because im buying from Micro Center, thats where i need help. Because I know with the extra $ i should get an SSD to go along with the build.



you can't link your shopping cart, does micro center show instore combo deals?

Im not sure. The website is down, at least, I can't get on it.

Im $30 under budget on newegg if you include the rebates and gift card. But i know i can get the CPU on micro for $189 and the MOBO for $84

I put all the links in. The grand total is $970.91 and $915.91 after rebates

i still have to get a moniter as well. Sorry i keep spaming the comments

I wouldn't hold your breath on rebates, they also give excuses to void your warrentys to companies, and you only get it about 12 weeks after you send it

oh ok. How would you tweak the build or would you keep it the same?

well your build only uses about 400w Max after overclocking both the CPU to 4.5Ghz and the GPU as far as it can go, I'm a fan of the rosewell Green series, they've never let me down in the 60 builds they've been in by me

Asus is a really good brand and for about the same price as your other board, they also OC nice too

doubled the HDD space and it seems to be cheaper without even touching a rebate






I'm not a monitor guy, so I don't know whats what, I'd just as soon use a 1024x768 CRT at 85Hz

heres a list of all 1080p monitors for you to weigh the cost/performance

Ok, Thanks for the help!

my favourite monitor is the Acer S230HL, LED backlit, 1920x1080p  and its is pretty thin the only down side is that they cost about $140, i got my two from walmart but i think i could find them on newegg

found it:

as u can see from the pictures its pretty thin, about half an inch at the top

however its refurbished on newegg (cant find a new one on newegg)

heres a link to walmart's:


and i wish i hadnt bought them before the price fell >.<

As long as i stay on budget or just a little over i might consider it.